Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

100s of things are said at school every day, and 1000000s of things happen at school every day.What have you seen somebody else DO or SAY that made you think: "Wow, that's kind of him / her!"You don' t have to say who said it or did it... just tell us what act of kindness you rememeber.If you can' t think of anything right now, take a day or two. Walk around school looking for people who DO or SAY nice things and report them!

Good luck!
Miss Florence and Miss Valerie


  1. We once saw a person doing something very kind. He or she was sharing his or her food with his or her friends. We also saw someone helping another person when he was hurt. We thought this two things were very kind, and thoughtful, so we thought we could share this with you!
    Mili F. Feli R. and Stefi P.T.

  2. Incredible post,
    We, Trini, Vicky, Isa and Juli M., think that is a very good idea. It would be very kind to do this acts of kindness.
    Thank youu
    Kisses and love
    Trini A. Vicky H. Isa K. Juli M.

  3. Today y saw big boy of 6°b grade playing with the little wons footbal.
    and y felt happy when y saw so from that day on y started to play sometimes with little ones.
    Coco and Tomi d

  4. dear Mis Valery and Florence:
    This is very cool. we can do more friends by doing this.we enjoy reading this post.
    Marina and Vicky

  5. Hi Miss Florence and Miss Valerie,
    We were thinking things, and we remembered that one day Helenita was playing with her friends, and she saw that one smaller girl,from 1st grade, hurt and came quickly came a friend. She told her if she was all right and that if she was feeling fine, so she could went to Lili, that is really being kind to a friend.

    Mili P...... Helena B........

  6. I saw in football that wen sombady heart sombady they said sory.Eugenia.B Michels pall.

  7. Viole: I saw a girl helping her friend (That friend was ill) That girl fall and hurt her self
    Clara: I saw a girl shearing all her food to her friends

  8. We enjoyed this post because we like to kind. We like when somebody acts kind to as and to everyone
    Tadeo S Teo S

  9. Vale and Florence,
    One day I when I was playing football with 3ºA they make a faul to me and they say that it wasn`t faul but then they admit it.

  10. Hi Miss Florence and Miss Valerie, we saw two boys fighting but instead of fighting phisicaly they talk it over it.
    Juli C, Euge B and Michelle C.

  11. dear valerie and florence,:
    we Trini and Franchy think that the puntachica pals are a very good idea, because we can macke new friends!!!
    Trini.A Franchy.W

  12. When Pipe was 7 years young he found a skate in the middle of the street and he gave it to the owner.
    Felipe C. and Santiago G